Rumors are buzzing around the Tech and Car industry about Apple looking to expand it’s market and dip into the electric car world. Slowly but surely bits of information are finding it’s way into the press and for a company like Apple, who under Steve Jobs ferociously tried to contain all secrets in house, it seems like they might want us to know about it.

The project known as Titan is in the experimental and research phase but if rumors are true it is set to be a high-tech electric self-driving car. This not only allows Apple to expand into a new market but also sets them up with another heated competition with Tesla and Google on a whole new playing field. This should be a good thing for future consumers as having three of the top innovative companies looking to make the next generation of automobiles can hopefully only lead to a wave of cool cars that people want to actually own that make roads and the environment safer.

Apple Car UI - CarPlay

Apple CarPlay has already been a major hit in the car industry

While it’s not a certainty that Apple will go ahead and actually release an “iCar” in the near future, since companies will often experiment with new technologies that it doesn’t bring into market, the signs are positive that it could happen. Reports and rumors like little gingerbread crumbs have been spread all over the web providing hints of what they’re planning. Most recently news that Apple had recruited a top Tesla executive, Jamie Carlson, for it’s “Special Projects” team was a strong indication that they are gaining steam on the project and according to Reuters, Carlson is part of a group of at least 6 others from: Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Nvidia, and Carnegie Mellon University.

According to the guardian Apple is testing a self-driving car at a WWII naval base. Why at a WWII naval base you ask? Well the naval base reportedly is set up with 20 miles of different public transport scenarios and has been labeled “the largest secure test facility in the world” by GoMentum. This combined with talks and negotiations between Tim Cook and BMW, hiring and reallocating talent within Apple to support the Titan project has left many, including me, to hope that the “iCar” will come to fruition. Apple hasn’t had a groundbreaking product for a while now and this could be Tim Cook’s move to take Apple forward and create his own legacy.