10) “The One With Ross’s Teeth” – Season 6 Episode 8

Who better to start off the list than with Ross.  The 3-time divorced friend has a talent for getting the worst results from the best intentioned actions.  Having a lull in his dating life Monica set him up on a date with her friend from work, Hilary.  Ross being Ross gets nervous and tries to look his best by whitening his teeth.  Simple and easy right?  Not when it comes to Ross he manages to get his teeth blindingly white. Different colored shirts, putting on make-up, covering his mouth, and turning off the lights almost got him through it…until his teeth started to glow in the dark!



9) “The one where Phoebe runs” – Season 6 Episode 7

Phoebe’s charm is her innocent, spontaneous, child-like personality and it showed itself when her and Rachel tried to bond by going running in the park.  Rachel who runs with proper form and breathing got humiliated seeing Phoebe run around like a chicken with its head cut off.  Phoebe tells Rachel she cares too much what people think making Rachel try the running style for herself, which she loved.



8) “The one where no one’s ready” – Season 2 Episode 2

In this episode Ross invites the gang to a fancy work function which requires proper attire.  The episode is centered around Ross panicking that no one is ready and they will be late to the function.  Little fights and mishaps occur along the way such as Monica obsessing over her break up with Richard, Phoebe spilling food on her dress, Rachel not finding anything she likes to wear but the funniest moment of the episode is when Joey and Chandler get in a fight over a seat.  The argument leads to Chandler hiding Joey’s underwear which caused the natural reaction of Joey to do the “opposite” and wear every single thing in Chandlers closet.



7) “The one with the embryo’s” – Season 4 Episode 12

A simple bet between Joey and Monica that Joey and Chandler know more about Monica and Rachel than they do about them turned into the girls losing their beautiful apartment.  Losing the first round in which Joey and Chandler correctly guess all the items in the girls shopping bag, Monica, being the over-competitive person she is, upped the stakes which led to Ross hosting a trivia game show featuring a lighting round!    The boys and girls were neck and neck until the question about what Chandler’s job is stumps everyone in the room and leads Joey and Chandler to victory ending with them moving into the girls apartment.



6) “The One With The Nap Partners” – Season 7 Episode 6

Joey and Ross were innocently watching a movie together when they accidentally fell asleep on each other on the couch.  Waking up feeling better and more refreshed than they should be they start to get confused about their feelings.  Joey is up front in saying it was the best nap he’s ever had and wanted to try it again, Ross thinking the whole thing is weird refuses all episode.  Finally, after some convincing and giving into how good the nap was Ross agrees to give it one more try.  Unfortunately for Joey and Ross while they were at their most comfortable napping together the gang walks in and catches them.



5) “The One Where Joey Speaks French” – Season 10 Episode 13

Joey really wants to get this acting part but the problem is he has to be able to speak French.  Phoebe always willing to help, especially Joey, offers to teach him French.  She is patient at first even when Joey isn’t close to repeating what she says and is basically making up his own French sounding gibberish.  Phoebe gains a little success when breaking the phrases down and making Joey repeat the words individually, however when he puts it all together it comes out as gibberish again.  Finally realizing that Joey will never learn French in time she goes with him to the audition trying to cover for him before finally having to tell the director that Joey is mentally disabled to at least give Joey the minor satisfaction that he’s making some sense in French.  Needless to say he doesn’t get the part.



4) “The One With All The Resolutions” – Season 5 Episode 11

It is New Years Eve in Friends world and while they are discussing their upcoming resolutions.  Joey decides he wants to learn guitar, Chandler decides he won’t make fun of anyone for a week, Rachel wants to stop gossiping, Monica wants to take more pictures, and Ross decides his goal is to be happy and do something new every single day.  All of them have hilarious difficulty in keeping up with their resolutions but the top funniest moment in this episode has to be Ross trying to look hip and sexy with his leather pants, that Chandler can’t make fun of!  Ross decides to test his new leather pants and newfound lease on life to a date.  When things start heating up Ross finds himself uncomfortably hot in leather and decides to go into the bathroom to cool off.  This is when the fun begins!  Ross pulls his pants down to cool off and finds that the heat had shrunk the leather and he can’t put them back on.  Calling on the always helpful Joey he ends up adding lotion and powder which ends up making a paste forcing him to end the date in most embarrassing fashion, pantless.



3) “The One With Ross’s Tan” – Season 10 Episode 3

Always looking to try new things Ross decides to get a spray tan after seeing how good it looked on his sister Monica.  The tanning salon employee tells him to count to five before turning around.  Sounds easy enough but we know better by now that nothing is as easy as it seems when it comes to Ross.  Once he stepped into the booth he was confused which side would spray first followed up with including Mississippi in between his counting he managed to get sprayed multiple times on the same side.  Going in for another session to even it out of course he gets it wrong again and gets sprayed again on the front.  His new tan is revealed to Chandler with his famous Ross “Hi” and Chandler asking if he went to the sun to tan.



2) “The One With Unagi” – Season 6 Episode 17

Ross is casually sitting at Central Perk when Rachel and Phoebe come in fresh off taking their first self-defense class thinking they can take care of themselves against anyone.  Ross with a smirk tells them that self-defense isn’t learned in a day and that only after years of mastering karatay (as he pronounces it) he has acquired Unagi, a state of total awareness.  Rachel and Phoebe not taking Ross seriously either say that Unagi is a type of sushi and that they could go for some.  Ross not being deterred decides to hide by the apartment and jumps out surprising and scaring Phoebe and Rachel proving to Ross that they haven’t learned anything yet until they master Unagi.  The girls never one to sit back and take one enter Ross’s apartment and wait for him to get home scaring him enough to get him to shriek like a girl.  Trying to get them back doesn’t work when the girls notice Ross hiding at Phoebe’s apartment which leads to Ross hilariously going up to a self-defense instructor to learn how to attack women as a means to teach them a lesson.  The episode wouldn’t be complete without Ross trying to scare the girls one more time after thinking he saw them from behind but instead tries to scare two random strangers whom attack him back and have him scurry away.  Unagi!



1) “The One With The Cop” – Season 5 Episode 16

Topping our list with what we think is arguably the funniest moment in the show and it has to involve Ross of course!  With a new apartment to decorate Ross goes couch shopping with Rachel to find the perfect center piece for his living room.  After testing the comfortability of a couple couches he settles on one he likes but refuses to pay for delivery with it only being a few blocks away.  With Rachel by his side he asks her to help him carry it to his apartment.  They manage to make it to the building but get stuck trying to turn and angle the couch to get it up the stairs.  Rachel brings Chandler to help much to Ross’s disappointment, he thought Monica would’ve been more helpful than Chandler, all three combine to work together with the climax being Ross screaming PIVOT! PIVOT! trying to will the couch to fit up the stairs.  Nothing works and the couch is destroyed and ends with Ross trying to return the cut in two couch to the store with a straight face, when he is offered only $4 in store credit he accepts humbly.



And There you have it!  That’s our top 10 funniest moments in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  Agree or disagree? Leave your comments below!

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