As Humans we’ve accomplished a lot; explored the earth’s surface, designed rocket-ships to take us to the moon and back, even started to explore on Mars!  Yet with all those accomplishments we have only explored 10% of our oceans.

Who knows what mysteries, species of life, and lessons we can find down deep in the depths of the water but now we actually may be able to start answering those questions.  A concept of Jacques Rougerie’s dream, called the “SeaOrbiter”, has been designed and has some big names lining up to invest and make this dream a reality.  The project will cost approximately ~$56million has gained support from Rolex, Nasa, National Geographic, while also using crowdfunding to raise 40% of the required funds.


The vessel’s final version is going to measure 190 feet with four stories above water and six stories below.  The goal, inspired by the visions of naval explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, oceanographer Jacques Piccard, and science-fiction author Jules Verne,  is for it to be a “drifting underwater scientific platform” where researches can live beneath the water surface months at a time to study and collect samples.  To do this the ship will have a variety of exploratory vehicles and gadgets that will be needed to conduct analysis and gather data at depths of over 20,000 feet.  If this first concept proves successful then the goal is to expand and create a fleet of SeaOrbiters and create a network covering every ocean.


The gorgeous ship is described as a “vertical ship-submarine hybrid” and will be built using Sealium, a recyclable aluminum that is specifically designed for marine conditions.  The Sealium will allow it to generate electricity needed to operate by tapping into wind, wave, and solar power. Here’s hoping to the success of this great idea by brilliant minds!