Every year The American Kennel Club releases a list of the most owned dog breeds in America and 2015 has a returning champion.  Can you guess the top breed in America?  Scroll below for the top 10!

10) Rottweilers


Believed to have descended from drover dogs that hailed from ancient Rome.  Rottweilers are known for their power and intelligence.  These dogs are happiest when given a duty and have been used as a police dog, service dog, and herder.  Its character traits are loyal, loving, and confident.

9) French Bulldog


While opinion is divided on its origins it is most likely an ancestor of the English Bulldog.  French Bulldogs are affectionate and playful and require little exercise or grooming.  French Bulldog personalities are playful, smart, and slightly stubborn.

8) Boxers


The boxer reached it’s peak breeding in Germany and is a cousin to all Bulldog types.  They were bred to hunt large game, which is no surprise due to their size and strength.  While intelligent they have tremendous energy, require regular exercise, and discipline especially during the training years.  Boxers are active, bright, and fun-loving.

7) Poodles


The Poodle perhaps the fanciest dog on our list and while recognized today as a national dog of France the breed actually originated in Germany.  While they may look like they care more about their looks Poodles are actually one of the smartest and obedient breeds.  They come in 3 different sizes and are described as proud, active, and very clever.

6) Yorkshire Terrier


This tiny dog is known today as the quintessential dog to carry around in your purse but was originally bred to chase rats in mills, although we bet they prefer their current situation.  Yorkshire Terriers are described as affectionate, energetic, and contain a big dog in a little package.

5) Beagles


Known for their droopy ears and incredible sense of smell Beagles are happy dogs that seem to just love howling at anything.  Originally bred to hunt in packs Beagles prefer to be surrounded by other dogs or people.  Their greatest trait, their sense of smell, maybe also the biggest worry for dog owners since they can get lost in a scent and just run off.

4) Bulldogs


If you want a dog with minimal fuss and exercise required then the Bulldog is for you.  Although there is no free lunch as these lovable grumpy faced dogs usually face a myriad of health issues as they get older due to their stocky build and squished snout.  Originally for bull baiting, hence the Bulldog, this breed has been increasing in popularity due to it’s couch-potato lifestyle.

3) Golden Retriever


These dogs have been used for everything from hunting, to guiding the blind, and working search-and-rescue. The Golden Retriever is just good at everything you ask of it and goes about its day doing its duty with a smile and not to mention gold locks flowing.  While it loves to work this breed plays hard as well showing its goofy side when playing.

2) German Shepherd


Considered perhaps the most complete dog of them all, the German Shepherd is loyal, protective, incredibly intelligent, athletic, and good to look at.  The German Shepherd is always connected to law enforcement due to being probably the most intensely developed dog in terms of breeding, and obedience training, and has the most clubs dedicated to it.  You can’t go wrong with this dog although training is highly recommended for German Shepherds to truly unlock all this breed has to offer.

1) Labrador Retriever


You can’t argue with the track record of the Labrador!  This dog from our friendly neighbors to the north, Canada, has ranked as the top owned dog breed in America for 24 years in a row!!  Friendly, active, and outgoing, this breed comes in 3 colors: yellow, black, and brown.  These gentle loving companions only aim to please their owner and at least when it comes to dogs the nicest ones don’t finish last!

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