Ever walked down the street on your way to work with your eyes glued to your phone and all of a sudden you find yourself about to fall into shark infested waters or that the earth has opened up underneath you?  Well that’s exactly what these mind-blowing 3D street paintings trick you into seeing.  Scroll down and see the phenomenal works of these street artist who have mastered the illusions of 3D art.

StreetArtWaterfall_ManfredStaderArtist: Manfred Stader

StreetArtRatRace_KurtWennerArtist: Kurt Wenner

StreetArtSoccerField_ManfredStaderArtist: Manfred Stader

StreetArtOpenEarth_EdgarMuellerArtist: Edgar Mueller

StreetArtParking_ManfredStaderArtist: Manfred Stader

StreetArtOpenCave_EdgarMuellerArtist: Edgar Mueller

StreetArtSharks_ManfredStaderArtist: Manfred Stader

StreetArtBasketball_GregLehmanArtist: Greg LehmanStreetArtMallPool_ManfredStader

Artist: Manfred Stader

StreetArtHell_ManfredStaderArtist: Manfred Stader