Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should’ve seen or at least heard of the awkward scene where Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe 2015.  After a couple minutes of all out celebration for Miss Colombia, Harvey sheepishly came back on the stage to announce that he had made a mistake and the first runner-up was Miss Colombia with Miss Philippines being the real winner.  This made us go back and look for other cringeworthy moments in pageant history.  See our choice for the 5 funniest fails below!

For the 2013 Miss USA pageant Utah was asked about the income inequality between men and women.  We’re still trying to figure out her answer but at least she looked good fumbling around for a response.

In 2007 Miss South Carolina was asked why a fifth of Americans can’t locate the US on the world map.  Her answer has become internet folklore and for good reason.


In 2009 Miss California was asked about gay marriage and while she supported the freedom of choice she gave her opinion in favor of opposite marriage or as 99.99% of people know it as, marriage.

For the 2012 Miss USA pageant Ohio was asked about how women are portrayed in movies.  She started off alright saying it depends on the movie but then she goes off road by presenting her example as a positive image of women being Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, who of course was a prostitute.