California-based electric car company, Faraday Future, after over a year of secrecy has unveiled it’s electric supercar concept at the 2016 CES exhibit.  Very little was known about Faraday Future and their level of secrecy had some on the internet wondering if it was Apple’s automotive efforts in disguise as another company.  Faraday Future is a startup that was born in Nick Sampson’s, the senior vice president’s, living room.  A startup with plenty of funding with the help of Chinese media firm LeTV, Faraday Future, already has plans for a $1 billion factory near Las Vegas that is estimated to create 4,500 jobs.


The company has no CEO but is run by an executive team that includes four former Tesla staffers and as their head of design Richard Kim, who was a founding member of BMW’s electric car unit.  The technology in the car is impressive with a user interface that displays the driver’s most-needed information but also has a variety of options and information that can be accessed with touch screen actions such as swipes, pinches, and touches.  There is also a dock in the middle of the steering wheel where you can dock your smartphone.


Faraday Future believes their competitive edge comes in how they manufacture and can customize different models of vehicles quickly, erasing the years it usually takes for a new car to come to market in the current auto industry.  The idea of building different models on a single base isn’t unique but Faraday Future takes it to the next level due to their battery setup.  Stacy Morris, the company’s director of communications, describes it as a “giant Hershey chocolate bar, and you break off a layer, or a row, then the chassis could extend or contract, and could fit various vehicles, makes, and sizes.”  The company will be able to add one, two, or three motors arranged in different places so the customer can choose whether the car is front-wheel or rear-wheel and they can choose the amount of power they desire.

While this is a concept car the company has been teasing that some may be available through limited production.  The FFZERO1 which resembles the Batmobile and drives like a Formula-1 car has a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds, a top speed over 200 mph, and boasts 1,000 horsepower.


There’s still a long road ahead for Faraday Future to catch up to the award winning industry leader Tesla but the signs are positive and competition will only work out in the consumers favor.

See the FFZERO1 promotional video below!