Her voice is all over the radio but rarely do we get to see Adele just hanging out away from all the spotlights being herself.  Luckily British comedian and “Late Late Show” host James Corden, was able to get Adele to join him for his popular bit “Carpool Karaoke”.  Corden has had musical superstars like Justin Bieber and Taylor swift on the segment in the past but they are definitely not shy of the limelight as the “Hello” singer is so getting Adele was a big get for the new man on late night.

The segment didn’t disappoint!  Check out the awesome video below and see Adele laid back driving around London talking about what she’s like when drunk, which Spice Girl she pretended to be,  sing some of her own hits, and even raps a Nicki Minaj verse!  If you didn’t love Adele already, you can’t help but love her after this clip.